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Success Stories

Learn how KickFire solution provides marketing and sales teams the tools to tap into their invisible pipeline and turn anonymous website visitors into paying customers.

Recovery Point® Case Study

How Recovery Point Generated a 200% Increase in Leads by using KickFire

Recovery Point - Dick Fordham
Since we found KickFire®, our main marketing strategy has been to drive prospects to our website, then use the information regarding the visitor and what they researched to feed our inside sales operation.
We use other marketing tools in the process, but KickFire was the catalyst, and is now the engine of the operation.
–Dick Fordham, Director Marketing and Strategy

Customer Profile

Recovery Point® is a leading national provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to keep applications and business processes running after a catastrophic event.
Industry:Disaster Recovery
Headquarters:Germantown, Maryland


Recovery Point was frustrated that their website was not generating the number of inbound form submissions they were looking for. They knew they had traffic coming to the site because they had Google Analytics, but they didn't know who that traffic was and the data could not be tied into their sales process. Recovery Point wanted to capitalize on the traffic they had coming to the site, but lacked the necessary tools to do so.


Using KickFire has enabled Recovery Point to implement a streamlined prospecting process that ties web visitors to inside sales activity, and this process is efficient and measurable. Every week they use LIVE Leads to identify the top leads and create the calling list for their inside sales team, which has increased the actual number of leads for the team to be working on by over 200%. Overall, the team is generating more qualified leads and shortening the sales cycle, which in their industry is difficult to do.

Recovery Point has also taken full advantage of KickFire's analytics and conversion tracking to maximize their ad spend. They easily are able to measure the impact of banner advertising on third party sites so that they can apply their marketing budget more efficiently. They have also been able to reallocate space on their website to replace low traffic areas with more relevant and attractive features, thereby enhancing the users experience.


How CPLANE NETWORKS Gained Valuable Insight into Their Website using KickFire

KickFire® is like having the light switch flipped on. Suddenly you can see all types of things you didn't realize were happening on your website. It's helped move our company to a much more productive marketing and sales model.
–Robert Keahey
VP of Marketing and Operations

Customer Profile

CPLANE NETWORKS® is a leader in end-to-end data center and wide area network service orchestration that enables software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) services to be launched and managed in a single environment.
Industry:Computer/Networking Software
Type:B2B and direct enterprise sales
Headquarters:Silicon Valley, California


CPLANE Networks was looking to improve their sales and marketing processes to help increase productivity and lead generation from their website. As a small startup, they knew lead generation was critical, but more important was lead qualification. Having limited sales resources, it was vital that their team be able to concentrate their efforts on the highest quality leads. Although CPLANE had Google Analytics in place, they felt they were still flying blind with respect to the impact of their digital marketing efforts and the leads they were driving to their site.


CPLANE chose KickFire because they were able to provide the leads they needed and the marketing data to make their team more effective. CPLANE uses LIVE Leads to identify leads that are visiting their website in real-time. LIVE Leads's valuable company information has helped them organize and manage their pipeline more effectively, and has significantly shortened the time to find an entry point into a targeted prospect. CPLANE’s sales team is now able to focus on the right leads, at the right time, and open up conversations with the right people – all because of LIVE Leads

CPLANE also heavily relies upon KickFire's form and conversion tracking to help them dial in the messaging for their marketing campaigns and generate more conversions. Conversion tracking has given them the ability to correlate the actions visitors are taking on their website with the campaign that drove them there, which is assisting the marketing team in refining their strategy. Meanwhile, CPLANE was able to replace all of their forms with KickFire's Hosted Forms, which has led to a steady rise in the number of conversions they generated over the last three months.

Data Solutions International® Case Study

How KickFire Solved WIX's Tracking Limitations and
Helped Data Solutions International Connect with New Website Leads

Data Solutions International - Alina Ruggieri
We tried six different companies and not one could track the pages that our visitors were hitting – then we found KickFire®. They solved all of our issues and had us up and running in less than a day. The results are better than we expected.
–Alina Ruggieri
Marketing Manager

Customer Profile

Data Solutions International® is a full-service information management and employee survey software company helping to enhance organizational performance through quality solutions.

Industry:Survey Software
Headquarters:Minnetonka, Minnesota


Data Solutions International had difficulty finding a solution that would track and identify visitors on their website, due to the platform's reporting restrictions which prevented users from using traditional website tracking products. After trying several web analytics tools, Data Solutions International was still unable to track and identify who was coming to their website and monetize their web traffic.


KickFire was able to work with the platform's website tracking restrictions to solve the issues Digital Solutions International was experiencing. Within an hour, The KickFire Support team was able to create an innovative, custom code specifically for the platform to help WIX users gain insight into their website. Digital Solutions International found the KickFire platform easy to navigate and is now able to easily see who is visiting their website, what their interests are, and if they return.

Digital Solutions International uses LIVE Leads in conjunction with conversion tracking to track which marketing campaigns are driving traffic to their website, identify new leads, connect with potential clients that they previously would have not known were on their site, and monetize their web traffic. With KickFire's great insight, Digital Solutions International is now able to watch their visitors with excitement on a daily basis.

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