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Imagine the sales opportunities if you could identify the anonymous companies visiting your website everyday.

Discover why we are a marketing team's best friend and
a sales person's secret weapon.

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It's Nice To Meet You...
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Capture New Leads

Identify your website visitors, even if they don't initiate contact, providing you with the warmest sales leads.

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Real-time Lead Alerts

Discover which products or services your visitors are most interested in with instant email notifications.

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Lead Management

Qualify visitors based on interest and engagement with lead scoring and point-and-click CRM integration.

First-Party Intent Data to
Identify Your Website Visitors
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Meet the other 97%

LIVE Leads reveals the companies visiting your website by using proprietary identification technology. Increase the amount of highly qualified leads in your pipeline without additional headcount.

  • Receive in-depth company and contact information
  • Find the warmest leads based on visitor engagement
  • Connect with prospects early in their buying cycle

Score to win!

Target your warmest prospects by defining specific criteria with the most advanced, yet simple to use, Lead Scoring system.

  • Configure multiple scoring models
  • Alerts for highly qualified leads
  • Detailed lead engagement tools
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The Power of LIVE Leads
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KickFire LIVE Leads uses our "best in class" IP-to-company intelligence called TWIN Caching®.
TWIN Caching® (Translating the WAN IP Network) is a proprietary technology that goes beyond traditional IP association. With a unique ability to uncover last-mile connectivity ownership, TWIN Caching provides advanced IP-to-company resolution.
TWIN Caching serves as the network and IP protocol equivalent of the way Google caches and searches an entire copy of web content. Using our proprietary algorithms, TWIN Caching systematically caches and analyzes over 340 undecillion IP addresses.
TWIN Caching, combined with KickFire's firmographic data, provides business intelligence for a wide-range of applications, such as account-based marketing, content personalization, B2B ad-targeting and more.
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Live Dashboard

  • Streaming desktop lead "ticker"
  • Management view of lead activity
  • Presentation-ready reports
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User Permissions

  • Customize access for individuals
  • View leads based on sales territory
  • Manage your own watchlists
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Lead Segmentation

  • Identify highly engaged leads
  • Search by industry, revenue
  • See past, present and future activity
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Pull Off Your Marketing Blindfold!

Upgrade your marketing strategy by tracking all online campaigns. Measure effectiveness and enhance the performance of your marketing spend.

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Custom URL Wizard

Setup a unique code to track all of your online landing pages and marketing campaigns with 3 simple steps.

multichannel campaigns

Multichannel Campaigns

Measure performance of pay-per-click, email campaigns, retargeting, mobile ads and more with AdCaM®.

ROI reporting

Simplified ROI Reporting

Receive trend reporting and instant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to optimize your marketing budget.

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure
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Half of my marketing is working... I just don't know which half.

AdCaM® provides actionable insights into what's working with your online marketing -- and more importantly -- what's NOT!

  • Full visibility into campaign effectiveness
  • Unique tracking URLs for all campaigns
  • Detailed conversion and ROI reporting

See more than a clickthrough.

Our Identities™ technology integrates with your existing email service provider to present the full picture of your visitor's engagement -- from clickthrough to conversion.

  • AdCaM® integrates with dozens of email service providers
  • Get to know your customers with Identity™ reporting
  • Segment and create targeted follow-up campaigns
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TMI on your ROI

Evaluating and optimizing your marketing campaigns can help make sure you are targeting the right audience with the right message, at the right time.

  • Overall campaign performance and conversion metrics
  • Discover conversion sources, even if they are organic
  • Accelerate sales cycle and increase marketing ROI
campaign dashboard

Campaign Dashboard

  • Monitor marketing in real-time
  • Track all digital advertising mediums
  • Compare campaigns side-by-side
conversion funnels

Conversion Funnels

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Learn where visitors are "falling out"
  • Help improve website usability
sale reporting

Sales Reporting

  • Capture live website conversions
  • View total sales and order values
  • Track ROI from all marketing spend

VisiStat® Analytics

Built on a powerful analytics engine, our real-time tracking and reporting will connect you to your website performance, visitor engagement and customer behavior.

Say Goodbye To Analysis Paralysis
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Robust Reporting

VisiStat® transforms complicated web analytic information into simple, presentation-ready reports.

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Website Performance

Proactively monitor the health of your website and make improvements to your online presence.

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Detailed Clickpath

Learn how visitors navigate your site, track every action and understand what they are looking for, in real-time!

Simple, yet powerful!
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Hello actionable data...

The most popular website metrics and reports enhanced by our detailed clickpath capabilities and easy-to-use platform.

  • Follow every visitor from entry to exit
  • Review in-depth clickpath reporting
  • Easily navigate our user-friendly interface

Get meaningful measurements

Our straightforward dashboards and reporting provide you with real-time details and access to multiple data sets.

  • Discover visitors by geographic location
  • Return visitor identification and behavior
  • Search engine and keyword optimization
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Visitor Statistics

  • Unique and return visitor reports
  • Geographic listings of website traffic
  • Referral and search engine tracking
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Social Media

  • Track your social reach
  • Discover influencers and trends
  • Measure your social investment
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  • Track growth, content performance
  • Dozens of real-time data sets
  • JSON and additional output formats
KickFire integrates seamlessly with today's
popular CRMs and email vendors
Connectwise HubSpot Microsoft Dynamics
salesforce sugar zoho  
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campaign-monitor constant-contact emma exact-target
experian icontact infusion-soft mail-chimp
sendblaster swiftpage toutapp vertical-response

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